Pastor Marvin W. Kirkwood is the planter and future facilitator of Contagious Life Church in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been blessed with unique gifting to illustrate and demonstrate the power of God that brings life to culture and translates across spiritual, social, economical, and secular realms. 


The ministry of Pastor Marvin W. Kirkwood is Life-giving, Relevant, and Refreshing! He is a sought-after facilitator, preacher, mentor, counselor, and teacher. Pastor Kirkwood has a desire to pour out what God has poured in. He currently holds a bachelor's degree in Christian Counseling and is pursuing his Master's degree in Theology. 


Out of all of his accomplishments, Pastor Kirkwood is most proud of his covenant with his wife Pastor Tiffany Kirkwood, and his three amazing children Hezekiah, Micah, and Josiah. 


In the words of John Wesly,” I set myself on Fire and people come to watch me burn!”